Coolers and Freezers

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The following is just a sample of the many products we offer 

Tafco a Leader in the Manufacture of Prefabricated Walk-in Coolers, Freezers, and Modular Structures for Over 40 years; Designed to meet the requirements of Today’s food service industry. Tafco walk-in’s are under-writers laboratories, factory mutual research, and NSF Listed.


* Four Inch thick R-30 to R-34 Foamed in-place
Urethane insulation, six inch available.

* Easy Installation with lightweight modular urethane panels and Tafco’s “SURELOCK” positive camlock device, assuring instant panel alignment

* Modular Design for easy installation & expansion

* Wide variety of refrigeration packages to fit every refrigeration requirement

* Flush-Fitting, Condensation-free door frames and sills.

* Tongue and groove panels with foamed in-place gaskets.

* Vapor proof interior light

* Reinforced stainless door frames and sills

* Camlift, self-closing door with magnetic door gasket and door closer.