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White Systems
The White Systems name has long been associated with the leader in designing and building high-throughput, mission critical material storage and retrieval systems for item-order picking and putting applications in manufacturing and distribution. White Systems is known for its industry-leading automated storage and retrieval (AS/RS) technology, including horizontal and vertical carousels; top-drive, bottom-drive, and dual-drive carousels; carousel controllers; vertical lift modules (VLMs); robotics; inserter-extractors; pick-to-light and distribution systems; rail system components; and order fulfillment and inventory software. Credited as the company that originated horizontal carousel technology, White Systems is now fully incorporated into the total portfolio of integrated material handling solutions from FKI Logistex
Offers the maximum storage density of any other rack system. Especially when handling loads of varying types and sizes.
Utilizes removable steel pallets with adjustable locations in 4-inch increments. Therefore, different size loads can be stored without the loss of valuable storage space when compared to standard pallet rack with fixed storage levels.
*** Utilizing 100% of available storage space
no matter what size loads are handled. ***

Wooden or plastic pallets are no longer needed saving 3 to 5 inches per storage level. Also, eliminates handling, storing and disposal of contaminated wooden pallets (ex. storing of pumps, motors, oil or chemical filled drums/barrels, etc.)

Utilizes Several Types Of Pallets With Bolt-On Features

The unit consists of two fully enclosed towers of stacked trays arranged on shelves allowing very high density storage of your inventory. Stored product remains stationary as a movable extractor platform automatically travels a center aisle.

Simply enter a part number or location. The High Cube II pulls a tray and delivers it to the operator at an ergonomically correct workstation. Tray return is automatic when you request another location.


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